Thyristor frequency converter

    Thyristor frequency converters are designed for conversion of mains frequency three-phase current into medium frequency alternating current. These converters are used to supply power to induction melting furnaces, heating and hardening units. The main advantage of thyristor frequency converters over the rotating ones is that power consumption reduces, operating costs decreases due to high efficiency coefficient and the absence of idling loss. TFC’s great advantages are in their regulation properties. Regulation of output parameters and the power is carried out without switching in power circuits, which allows to go without cumbersome switching devices.


TFC - thyristor frequency converter
Х – rated output power, kW
Х – rated output frequency, kHz
MC – climatic performance and placement categories according to the State Standard 15150 – 69 (moderate cool)

Operating conditions

TFC operates and maintains its parameters in the process of influence of climatic factors in accordance with State Standard GOST 15543-70 and GOST 15150-69. For MC4 performance: ambient temperature from plus 1 to plus 35 °C; high value of relative humidity - 80% at a temperature of 25 °C and at lower temperatures without condensation. Height above sea level is no more than 1000m.

Environment for TFC should be non-explosive, not containing current-carrying dust at concentrations that reduce product parameters in unacceptable limits. TFC is stable and mechanically solid under the influence of mechanical factors, according to the group of conditions of M6 GOST 17516-72. Operating position - vertical, deviation from the vertical position of no more than 5 ° in any direction.

TFC’s degree of protection against staff contact to live parts, against ingress of solid, dust and water penetration meets group IP54 in accordance with GOST 14254 - 80. TFC meets the safety requirements in accordance with GOST - 75 and GOST The level of noise generated by the work of one TFC does not exceed 80 dB (A).

Reliability and warranty

  1. error-free running time of not less than 3 000 hours;
  2. a complete set resource of at least 60 000 hours;
  3. mean time of recovering state of operability no more than 1h. 

The TFC device

  1. the circuit breaker;
  2. rectifier;
  3. smoothing reactor;
  4. an inverter;
  5. trigger.

Delivery Set

Delivery set includes a TFC cabinet with operational documentation. According to additional order the following may be delivered: removable spare control unit, the reactor (to simulate line inductance during the direct TFC installation with the load), repair set of spare parts to TFC according to the typical specification and TFC remote control panel.

Removable spare control units are designed to reduce time of recovering state of operability in the TFC control system and to reduce reset time during operation of one TFC for different loads.

Technical characteristics

Converter type Capacity, kW Operating frequency, kHz Input voltage, V Output voltage, V
TFC-50-2,4 50 2,4 380 800
TFC-50-8,0 50 8,0 380 800
TFC-100-2,4 100 2,4 380 800
TFC-100-8,0 100 8,0 380 800
TFC-160-2,4 160 2,4 380 800
TFC-160-8,0 160 8,0 380 800
TFC-200-8,0 200 8,0 380 800
TFC-250-1,0 250 1,0 380 800
TFC-250-2,4 250 2,4 380 800
TFC-250-8,0 250 8,0 380 800
TFC-350-1,0 350 1,0 380 800
TFC-350-2,4 350 2,4 380 800
TFC-350-8,0 350 8,0 380 800
TFC-400-1,0 400 1,0 380 800
TFC-400-2,4 400 2,4 380 800
TFC-500-1,0 500 1,0 380 800
TFC-500-2,4 500 2,4 570 800
TFC-650-1,0 650 1,0 380 1000
TFC-800-1,0 800 1,0 570 1000
TFC-1600-1,0 1600 1,0 900 1000

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