Induction heating unit


Induction heating units are designed for through-heating of steel parts and pieces of rods, pipes and other products for mechanical and thermal treatment. In particular, for plastic deformation, shrink fit, hardening, tempering, and other technological applications at machine-building enterprises.

Heating blanks can have circular, square (rectangular) and lateral section. Range of sizes from Ø 5 mm to 400 mm, square from 5 mm X 5 mm to 300 mm X 300 mm.

The use of induction heating units is not only an alternative, but also cost-effective and reasonable substitute for other methods of heating, such as heating in gas, oil-fired and muffle furnaces.

Application of induction heating in mechanical engineering can significantly improve product quality, leads to sharp increase in productivity, reduce the cost of energy, production time, cut production costs, and helps to improve the environmental situation.

Moreover, induction heating doesn’t make the scale and decarburized layer, which affects the quality. Quickly changing the power of the frequency converter by making inductors of special design, it is possible to regulate the temperature of heating blanks. The choice of generator operating frequency allows to control the depth of heating.

Delivery set:

1. Thyristor frequency converter TFC;

2. Heating station IHU;

3. Control and signaling console IHU;

4. Spare parts for thyristor frequency converter TFC;

5. Heat-exchanger IМ;

6. Mounting components;

7. Operational documentation.

The induction heating unit IHU-160-2,4
testing. Bar hardening ø 15 mm

Bar heating ø 40mm, length 4m in the IHU-250-2,4

Heating of pipe bends at
"Trubostal" PSC, Nikopol

TFC-100-2,4 kHz for pipe bender of
"Pella-Mash" JSC, Saint-Petersburg


The use of induction heating units has a number of advantages:

-        possibility to heat a specific part of the workpiece;

-        control of transmitted power;

-        control of frequency and time of heating;

-        cooling control;

-        energy saving;

-        absence of physical contact;

-        control and localization of heat;

-        possibility of integration into production lines;

-        productivity increase and economy of space;

-        lower duration of the process cycle;

-        control of temperature rise by optical pyrometers or thermal cut-outs that form a closed loop;

-        greater accuracy and speed;

-        achievement of a unifrm surface temperature due to the design of the coil.





Unit type Capacity of power supply, kW Operating frequency, kHz Power supply, PS Heating temperature, С
IHU-50-2,4 50 2,4 TFC-50 1200
IHU-50-8,0 50 8,0 TFC-50 1200
IHU-100-2,4 100 2,4 TFC-100 1200
IHU-100-8,0 100 8,0 TFC-100 1200
IHU-160-2,4 160 2,4 TFC-160 1200
IHU-160-8,0 160 8,0 TFC-160 1200
IHU-200-8,0 200 8,0 TFC-200 1200
IHU-250-1,0 250 1,0 TFC-250 1200
IHU-250-2,4 250 2,4 TFC-250 1200
IHU-250-8,0 250 8,0 TFC-250 1200
IHU-350-1,0 350 1,0 TFC-350 1200
IHU-350-2,4 350 2,4 TFC-350 1200
IHU-400-2,4 400 2,4 TFC-400 1200
IHU-500-1,0 500 1,0 TFC-500 1200
IHU-500-2,4 500 2,4 TFC-500 1200
IHU-650-1,0 650 1,0 TFC-650 1200
IHU-650-2,4 650 2,4 TFC-650 1200
IHU-800-1,0 800 1,0 TFC-800 1200
IHU-1200-0,5 1200 0,5 TFC-1200 1200
IHU-1200-1,0 1200 1,0 TFC-1200 1200
IHU-1600-0,5 1600 0,5 TFC-1600 1200
IHU-1600-1,0 1600 1,0 TFC-1600 1200


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