Induction hardening unit

Induction hardening units are designed for surface-hardening of both outer and interior surfaces of machine-building and auto-production details of the following types: shaft, gear-shaft, gear-wheel, etc.


Shaft ø 35mm hardening in HFTG-40-66

Gear shaft ø 40mm hardening in

Inner hardening in HFTG-10-66

Hardening of segments for agricultural equipments
in HFTG-40-66

Shaft ø 40mm hardening
in HFTG-40-66

Cog hardening in HFTG-40-66

Wheel ø 250mm hardening
in HFTG-80-66

Gear shaft hardening in HFTG-40-66

Inner hardening of a gear wheel in the induction
heating unit IHU-200-8,0

Delivery set:


  1. Thyristor frequency converter TFC;
  2. Hardening transformer;
  3. Control and signaling panel CSP;
  4. Heat-exchanger IМ;
  5. Spare parts to thyristor frequency converter TFC;
  6. Mounting components;
  7. Operational documentation;
  8. Hardening machine*

*- according to individual order


Unit type Capacity of power supply, kW Operating frequency, kHz Power supply, PS Heating temperature, С
HFTG-10/66 10 40-70 HFTG -10 1200
HFTG-20/44 (66) 20 35-45(40-70) HFTG -20 1200
HFTG -40/44 (66) 50 40-70 HFTG -50 1200
HFTG -80/66 80 40-70 HFTG -80 1200
INU-50/8,0 50 8 TFC-50 1200
  INU-100/8,0 100 8   TFC-100 1200
  INU-250/8,0 250 8   TFC-250 1200

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